Great Success on Dragon Boat Festival's Egg Standing Event
On June 10, 2024, coinciding with the Dragon Boat Festival, nearly 50 participants from the 157th and 158th Regular Sessions experienced the traditional egg-standing activity in the training center's hall. This activity is based on an ancient legend that says eggs can be easily stood upright at noon on the Dragon Boat Festival due to the peak of Yang energy between heaven and earth.
The participants eagerly joined in, with some carefully adjusting the eggs' centers of gravity while others patiently observed their peers' techniques. After considerable effort, 16 participants successfully stood their eggs upright. This event not only allowed the participants to enjoy the charm of Chinese traditional culture, to foster friendships among each other, and to experience the special significance of celebrating a festival far from home.
The Center wishes to continue organizing similar cultural activities in the future, enabling participants to appreciate Taiwan's diverse cultural heritage while learning professional skills.
June 12,2024