The International Center for Land Policy Studies and Training (ICLPST) was established in 1968.  It is an autonomous and nonprofit international organization, jointly sponsored by the Council of Agriculture (COA), Executive Yuan, the Republic of China, and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (LILP), Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.  Before January 1st, 2000, it was named Land Reform Training Institute (LRTI).

The Center is devoted to providing training and research opportunities for government officials, professionals and others interested in land and tax policies and rural development; promoting the understanding of the distribution of the benefits of land ownership through peaceful and democratic means; and training leaders from all over the world in ways to achieve economic prosperity through constructive land and tax policies.

At the Center the training programs blend theory and practice in order to suit the diverse needs of the participants.  Through training, participants acquire the skills and techniques needed to better understand and manage land policies, rural development, and tax programs in their respective countries.

Since the inception of the 21st Century, the Center does not only run its annual international training courses, but accepts commissions from other countries to conduct training courses on specific themes such as animal disease diagnosis, agricultural extension, aquaculture live feeds, veterinary laboratory management, organic farming, and agricultural production adapting to global climate change.  The often-competitive selection of participants for international training courses and various foreign commissioned training projects all have borne out the fact that training courses offered and organized by the Center are much in demand by the professional circles of agriculture and land management.