The Center’s business mainly involves international training. Target participants include mid-career agricultural professionals and officials from fellow countries. The themes mainly center on issues related to agriculture, urban and rural development. For instance:

Agriculture Issues:
- agricultural development and policy
- rural development
- technical topics of agriculture, forestry, fishery, husbandry, etc.

Urban and Rural Development Issues:
- land policy
- urban and rural infrastructure development and planning
- land taxation and valuation, etc.

1. Train agriculture and land professionals and officials from around the world

Since its inception in 1968, ICLPST has trained more than 17,000 officials, scholars and experts worldwide.  There are 122 beneficiary countries, which cover the Asia-Pacific, West Asia, Africa, Europe, Central and South America, and Oceania.  In recent years, the ICLPST has been commissioned by Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei and Bhutan, etc. to organize agriculture-related training courses, which are tailor-made for their middle and high level officials.

2. Establish a platform for international exchanges and cooperation in agriculture
  During the training, participants from countries around the world establish a platform where they share expertise and experiences, which substantially benefit the participants and their countries as well.

3. Share Taiwan Experience and return to international community
  Taiwan’s economic development achievements and experiences have been widely recognized by the countries around the world. Conducting international training courses does not only share Taiwan Experience to the world, but also shows our country’s efforts and contribution in returning more to the international community.
ICLPST alumni are warmly received at the Center and treated with hospitality by Taiwanese during their stay.  When they return to their countries, they receive great attention from their government and are assigned to key positions to contribute what they have learned in Taiwan.